About The VIC


THE VIC SERVES AS A FORUM TO LEARN ABOUT DIFFERENT CULTURES THROUGH INTERACTIVE EVENTS, FESTIVALS, CLASSES AND DISCUSSION GROUPS. IT ALSO PROVIDES SERVICES THAT HELP INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS AND VISITORS TO FEEL WELCOME AND TO FULLY ENJOY AMERICAN CULTURE AND RIGHTS. At the International Center we strive to build lasting relationships between individuals of different backgrounds, beliefs, and ethnicities. We strongly believe these relationships create a more inviting, creative, and vibrant community not just for Valparaiso but for the larger Northwest Indiana area. We serve both recent immigrants/international visitors and the many of us that have made Northwest Indiana home. For our international friends we wish the Valparaiso International Center to be a safe, fun, and inviting place where they can feel comfortable to be themselves. For the rest of us, we hope that the Valparaiso International Center can be a place for education, good times, giving back to our community, and meeting people from other countries. The Valparaiso International Center is a project inspired by the diversity of the city of Valparaiso and the need for increased communication and interaction between all of its residents. The VIC seeks to enhance the Valparaiso community by creating positive mutual understanding, connecting people of all cultures, and creating a global network of support.

The Valparaiso International Center is a not-for-profit organization which serves as a non-partisan community gathering space and place of welcome that promotes global awareness and offers local support. In order to bring together the increasingly diverse community of Northwest Indiana, the center provides a variety of resources, educational programs, and cultural events for all members of our community.

We offer a variety of programs that fulfill many different needs within our community. Many of our programs are educational in nature and offer an entertaining way to learn about other people and cultures. We also have a variety of programs and resources designed for new immigrants or visitors to Valparaiso and the United States. These programs are focused on tangibly helping those in our community who are often ignored or face difficulty adjusting to life in the United States. To learn more about our programs or events visit our program page. The Valparaiso International Center is excited to be an unique place for individuals to have fun, learn about other cultures, and tangibly help people in need. We all know that the City of Valparaiso is becoming a more diverse community and we invite you to actively become part of that exciting change through becoming involved and learning more about what is happening at the VIC.