MEXICO – Fourth Friday


4th Friday @ The VIC


Friday, October 27, 2017

The Valparaiso International Center

309 East Lincolnway, Valparaiso



PANCHO & CAROLYN RODEA are local musicians and Spanish teachers who have performed their Latin guitar rhythms at many venues, including the World Cultural Festival.   Pancho is from a musically-oriented family in Puebla State, Mexico.  He met his American-born wife Carolyn, who has degrees in Spanish and music from Valparaiso University, when she came to teach at the international school in Puebla where Pancho was working.  The couple has been together more than 30 years, and they now live in Valparaiso.  Both Rodeas are Spanish teachers in the Valparaiso Public Schools, and they continue to pursue their musical careers.

Pancho spoke about his hometown of Puebla and the recent earthquake there.  He told about his experience as an immigrant.  The Rodeas entertained the crowd with several songs and they demonstrated how to prepare guacamole – and share the result with all.














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