POLAND – Fourth Friday



Friday, November 18, 2016


AGNIESZKA FEZATT discussed the history and culture of her native Poland, an Eastern European country that is the ancestral homeland of millions of Americans.  She identified some famous Polish-Americans, talked about holidays and traditions, and offer some homemade Polish treats.

Agnieszka earned a law degree in Poland and came to the USA 18 years ago.  The mother of three daughters, Agnieszka teaches English to non-native speakers in the Valparaiso school system.



a-sampling-of-polish-treats agnieszka-spoke-about-her-native-poland anna-aden-agnieszka-fezatt-the-fezatt-children fezatt-daughters-in-traditional-polish-dress      fourth-friday-poland-at-the-vic polish-products-on-display











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